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TXP's gTxt strings displayed in their original places on TXP's admin UI

Switch Textpatterns admin language to TXP’s core text strings aka gTxt_strings and see them all in place.

Use Opera Search to Access Your Install

Get to your TXP backend in with three keystrokes.

Link Template 2 File

Import/Export Templates, Forms and CSS.

A simple export script that iterates through your forms, templates and css and exports them to a folder. The second script updates the database with the exported files.

txp:output_form = includes

One of the obvious benefits of Textpattern is it's ease of use and the control…


Bookmarklets for a "Blog This" feature

Offers a tag for bookmarklets feature, like “blog this”.

Tooltip popups and notes on admin screen

Add some help tips to your admin page

This is a reasonably simple way to add some additional notes and helpful text to your admin screen. The popup tooltips act upon mouseover of the tooltipped text.

Self-register on a Textpattern site

Add text on login page to have people register

This will simply add a bit of text and a link on the login page to let people know to register if they don’t already have a login.

Renaming Textpattern directory

Change Textpattern administration directory

If you’re looking to rename the Textpattern admin directory (which by default is “textpattern”), then…

Hiding the Authors List

Restricting view of authors list to authorized admin access

So it came to my attention that, even though only Managing Editors and Publishers (Textpattern…

Changing passwords

Changing your Admin Panel password

If you are the sole user of the site, then you probably already know you…

Advanced Options open by default

When you’re writing an article in Textpattern, there is a link on the left for…

Textpattern Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet pre-loads the following fields custom_1 (closet) = Page-Title custom_2 (cupboard) = Page-URL Title…

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