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Have you ever needed to know some of the language strings that Textpattern or its plugins uses internally? E.g. for customizing your site’s admin language with wet_babble or for hacking plugins or the core and tracing back strings for some steps?

You can see all these strings on the spot: In the admin UI. Just create an empty language:

1. Go to Textpattern’s Language panel and scroll down to the textpack installation area.
2. Copy/paste the code displayed below.

#@language gTxt_strings
at_least_one_entry_is => required

3. Press “Upload”.

That’s it. You can now select the “language” you just created from the language chooser, in this case it’d be “gTxt_strings”.

Once you’ve switched to gTxt_strings, all terms created by gTxt are now displayed in TXP-speak, like e.g. tab_write on the Write panel. You can now perform a full text search for tab_write across all Textpattern files and find the file(s) and function(s) it appears in, or search inside any languages’ textpack file and quickly discover the right strings to adapt.

BTW: An indispensable tool for live sites during such periods of language exploration is wet_native which lets you switch only your own admin language to gTxt strings without annoying your co-authors and without potentially changing URLS meanwhile (e.g. the German “kategorie” in URLs doesn’t get altered to the default “category”).

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02 Jul 2008

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