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TXP's gTxt strings displayed in their original places on TXP's admin UI

Switch Textpatterns admin language to TXP’s core text strings aka gTxt_strings and see them all in place.

TextPattern Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet in PNG or PDF of all TXP tags

This is simple Cheatsheet that describes all TXP tags. For ver 4.0.5 PNG 112kB PDF…

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact

zem_contact is a plugin which extends Textpattern with a set of custom tags supporting email contact forms.

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact introduces some of the inner workings of that plugin, and how to use it for more than just transferring a visitor’s name and address.

Advanced Sort By

Not happy with article and article_custom's sort by features? Roll your own.

The “sortby” attribute is a direct interface to the database language SQL. That means you have all the sort power in the world.

Online Plugin Packaging Tool

Online Textpattern Plugin Packaging Tool

A tool to package your Textpattern plugins.

How to Speed Up Your Textpattern Web Site

How to Speed Up Your Textpattern Web Site

Have you noticed your installation of Dean Allen’s Textpattern to be serving up pages a little slower than expected? Puzzled by those ridiculously long render times? Here’s 4 helpful tips to get your site moving.

Image Replacement without plugins

How to use native tags to replace text with images

<div class="<txp:section />"><h2><txp:section /></h2></div>
This is really simple but read on for more info.

Articles Sorted By Custom Fields

Stuff like Last Name

<txp:article_custom sortby="custom_4" sortdir="asc" />

Display Section Title

The original contents of this tip are outdated, and no longer necessary. See the section…

Tooltip popups and notes on admin screen

Add some help tips to your admin page

This is a reasonably simple way to add some additional notes and helpful text to your admin screen. The popup tooltips act upon mouseover of the tooltipped text.

Finding the best colors

Sorting out great colors for your site

Getting those colors juuuust right can be a tedious task. And guess what, others have…

Textpattern, clash of the plug-ins!

The clash of zem_redirect and style-switcher plug-ins

Having installed the style sheet switcher plug-in, shortly followed by my hacked version of the…

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