Content last modified Monday 3 September 2018
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Use Opera Search to Access Your Install

Get to your TXP backend in with three keystrokes.

External Javascript In TXP

It’s possible to use the CSS database in Textpattern to store external javascript so that it doesn’t have to be embedded in the page template.

Including PHP scripts

Enable php includes and scripts in Textpattern

Are you trying to embed PHP scripts or run php includes in your Textpattern site? not working?

Random articles

Call a random article or list of random articles

The ability to call a random article is already built into the txp:article_custom tag, with the attribute sortby="rand()".

Subversion (SVN)

Subversion and Textpattern

Subversion is a version control program. You can use it to get the latest version of textpattern Dean is working on.

Textpattern Buttons

Steal these buttons!

Some buttons in the tradition of the Steal These Buttons! style. This one: is just…

Textpattern 404 Voodoo

What you will need * Textpattern in Clean URL mode. * The If_Category plug-in. *…

Textpattern, clash of the plug-ins!

The clash of zem_redirect and style-switcher plug-ins

Having installed the style sheet switcher plug-in, shortly followed by my hacked version of the…

Textpattern Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet pre-loads the following fields custom_1 (closet) = Page-Title custom_2 (cupboard) = Page-URL Title…

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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