Content last modified Tuesday 24 August 2021
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TXP Bookmarklet

Just plug in your TXP install path and use the Bookmarklet Builder to make yourself…

Creating Article Popups in Textpattern

Open articles in popup windows

Recently I wanted to open up the article body in an new window. On the page I had set up I exposed the title and the excerpt and then an link to where the article body was opened up in a new window. Below I will briefly cover how I did.

article vs. article_custom

difference between txp:article and txp:article_custom

<txp:article /> is NOT the same as <txp:article_custom />
They cannot be interchanged. This is perhaps one of the most common confusions for Textpatterners.

Random articles

Call a random article or list of random articles

The ability to call a random article is already built into the txp:article_custom tag, with the attribute sortby="rand()".


Static articles in chosen order

(Note: use of doArticle is not recommended practise. The instructions have been updated to use…

if_individual_article and if_article_list tags

Conditional tags for article list and full article pages

These conditionals are built into textpattern and are very useful for setting up your pages…

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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