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Creating Article Popups in Textpattern

Recently I wanted to open up the article body in an new window. On the page I had set up I exposed the title and the excerpt and then an link to where the article body was opened up in a new window. Below I will briefly cover how I did.

This is in the article form.

<h2><txp:title /></h2> <txp:excerpt /> <p><txp:dmn_popup_article_link width="595" height="550" /></p>

We also need to create a new form which we can call popup_article, in that form we place the html markup for the popup page, and where you want the article to be exposed place this tag <txp:dmn_popup_article />.

And at-least we need to put some magic to textpattern so it will understand all this. To bad I have not got the time to convert this code to a decent plugin, but so for now I only post the code, but it is quite simple to just copy paste it into a file and place it in textpatterns plugin cache dir

Alot of this code is borrowed from the way txp handles popup comments.


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February, 19, 2006
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26 Mar 2006

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