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Contact the administrator through a form

A plugin that creates a contact form through which users can contact the administrator of a Textpattern website. All the messages are saved in the database and the admin can read and manage them.


Email obfuscate/defuscate as textpattern plugin

yab_email is a tiny Textpattern CMS-Plugin for obfuscating and defuscating email adresses to prevent harvesting email adresses.


Form field validation & spam prevention

This provides form field validation, spam prevention, email header/body extras, database update, MailChimp subscription for…


Send HTML emails from within Textpattern.

This plug-in adds an interface to the extensions tab to allow one to send plain text, HTML-only, or multipart (plain text & HTML, combined) emails from within the Textpattern admin interface.


Email posts as they're published

When you publish a new post, this plugin will mail it to everywhere (email address of course :D) you want.

That means, you can publish the post onto other BSPs, which support email publish feature (like live space, or blogger), just as the same time you publish on textpattern.


Improve compatibility between asy_jpcache and zem_contact_reborn

This plugin helps two other plugins co-exist peacefully: the full-page caching of asy_jpcache and the powerful form processing of zem_contact_reborn (ZCR).


A simple to use mailing list manager for Textpattern

This plugin has been remade by the amazing Manfre. Get it here. – Ben ——————————————————————————————————————R…


Prevent spam through zem_contact_reborn

Reduces spam by using a hidden form field that only spammers will be tempted to fill out.


Language plugin for zem_contact_reborn

The companion plugin for zem_contact_reborn. Provides a language file which can be localised to any language you desire by editing the contents of this plugin once installed.


Flexible email contact/feedback form

Zem_contact_reborn is a further developed fork of the zem_contact plugin. It is maintained by the Textpattern Community.

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