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This provides form field validation, spam prevention, email header/body extras, database update, MailChimp subscription for zem_contact_reborn.


  • submitted field combination check
  • submitted field content validation
  • anti-spam measures
  • database update
  • email header options (CC & BCC)*
  • append lines to email body*
  • MailChimp list subscription*

Once installed, a collection of new tags are available.

Validation & spam detection:

  • adi_contact_combo – define valid combinations of submitted form fields
  • adi_contact_validate – validate the content of submitted form fields
  • adi_contact_spam – block spam in submitted form fields
  • adi_contact_labels – specify labels to be used in error messages
  • adi_contact_checkboxes – to specify which fields are checkboxes
  • adi_contact_javascript – required if zem_contact input/error forms are separate

Email header/body options*:

  • adi_contact_headers – CC and BCC email addresses
  • adi_contact_body – append text to email message

Database update:

  • adi_contact_db – container tag for database updates
  • adi_contact_db_data – defines mapping of contact & database fields, default values etc.

MailChimp list subscription*:

  • adi_contact_mailchimp – container tag for MailChimp list subscription
  • adi_contact_mailchimp_data” – defines mapping of contact & MailChimp fields

*Requires zem_contact_reborn v4.5+.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online.

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17 mar 2009
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17 Mar 2009

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