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UriMail plugin

This is a plugin that creates a contact form in the public section. Messages sent by the users through this form will be saved in the plugin tab in the 'Extensions' section, so the administrator will be able to read and delete them.

Version: 0.1.

Short presentation

Through the txp:uri_mail tag you can create a form with three fields: 'your email', 'object' and 'your message'. You can create a 'contact me' page in your website where to put it: then, the users of your website will compile the form and you will see their messages in the 'UriMail' tab in the 'Extensions' section in the back-end.

For detailed instructions, follow the guide in the plugin documentation.


The source code is here.


Please, for updates check the article on my website.



This plugin is open source, and it couldn't be otherwise since it has been writter in PHP. The source is on GitHub, too; you can do everything you want with it, but you can't sell it for money, even after modifying its code. I'll be happy if you improve and/or redistribute it; some credits to me would be also appreciated.

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Contact me

My website is Magrathea design. Do you want to ask me something? Use the form in my Contact page. Made with UriMail, of course!

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13 Nov 2013

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