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redirect your feed to other url

Be used to redirect your feed to other url. It will be very useful if…


Social Bookmarking Widget from addthis.com

lam_addthis (Social Bookmarking Widget from addthis.com) If not done so already, you need to create…

Podcasting With Txp

Generating an iTunes-friendly podcast with Txp

I wrote this tutorial because I felt that there was not a single comprehensive, easy-to-follow…


Set the header for any txp page

This plugin allows one to set the Content-Type header for any Txp page. This allows…

Custom RSS Feeds

Move beyond Textpattern's feed functionality

All other factors aside, Wordpress still has one up on Textpattern for custom RSS feeds – a function with quite a lot of potential. Textpattern doesn’t technically offer this capability, but it’s fairly simple to construct an alternative.

Read the full writeup…


clean feed urls

This plugin extends Textpattern’s default Atom & RSS functionality to allow for /clean/feed/urls. Included with this plugin is the template tag ajw_clean_feed_link (detailed below), which is used for displaying feed links in your page templates.


Comments via RSS & Atom

This plugin extends Textpattern’s RSS & Atom functionality to allow for sitewide, section, category, or…

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern

Super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parsing, powered by SimplePie

SimplePie Plugin for Textpattern: a super-fast, easy-to-use RSS and Atom parser.


Parses RSS into TxP articles

bit_rss parses RSS feeds using SimplePie and outputs feed items as TxP articles so you can use article forms to control the output of this plugin.


Easy social bookmarking of your posts

ako_social, easy social bookmarking of your posts.

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