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jfp_last23img plugin

jfp_last23img plugin

If you have an account on 23 you can use this plugin to display your…

Make RSS links displayable in browser

Make RSS links displayable in firefox

Make firefox and IE render the RSS feed instead of prompting to download it. will…

Add link to comments in feeds

A one-line addition to rss.php and atom.php to add a link to comments from within feeds

A simple one-line addition to both rss.php and atom.php will allow for displaying a link to comments inside the body of your website’s feeds:


Section driven meta-data, meta keywords, meta description

This plugin is for textpattern sites that are driven by sections. In order to use this you must take the oldest article of the section and use the ‘custom 1’ as your list of keywords and the ‘Excerpt’ textbox as a meta description. Now just call the following in the tags:

Molding Textpattern XML Feeds

Customize XML feeds to allow for both full articles and excerpts.


Pull in RSS Feeds from other sites

This plugin will display RSS feeds or Atom feeds with unbeatable style. This is because…

Auto RSS feed icon in Firefox

This Tip is now outdated, as Textpattern provides this functionality out-of-the-box. See feed_link tag.

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