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Easy variables and calculations

aks_var operate with Txp variables, Custom Fields, apache variables, thisarticle variables, any PHP variables. Calculate, substr, regexp


Choose random text strings from a variety of sources such as the database, a file, a string, or a TXP variable/field.

Add some random spice to your pages by picking a random text string from somewhere in the TXP environment.


Outputs search query information from the referer and also provides a function to check if…


Attempts to correctly title-case text.

A Textpattern port of the Wordpress plugin Title Case by Adam Nolley. It is ultimately based on code by John Gruber.


Leave notes for Textpattern users

Once installed and activated, you’ll get: new tabs under Home, Content, Presentation and Admin to…


A football plugin

CNK_SOCCER gives you the possibility to manage football league from your textpattern backend and display…


Allows custom, ad-hoc queries to be made to the database and each row parsed by a form.

Talk to the database directly via SQL. Plug a query in and use a form or container to iterate over the returned rows. Supports article, file and link mode processing as well as <txp:variable /> and URL variables.


Conditional if browsing from mobile device

This plugin adds conditional tag to determine, if user is browsing from mobile device, or…


Last.fm weekly album charts

This plugin displays a nice, bite-size, ordered list of your last.fm weekly album charts. If…


Easy External Link Creation

This plugin is a hack to get around the fact that Textpattern doesn’t have a native way to create links with a target=”_blank”.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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