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Mathematical Formulae with Mimetex, without a LaTeX distribution or shell access

This plugin features simple LaTeX-like rendering of mathematical formulae without the need of having shell access to the server or an installed LaTeX distribution. Rendering is done using Mimetex.


  1. Compile or download mimetex.cgi (


CodeMirror syntax highlighting + Zen Coding

A syntax-highlighting plugin for Textpattern admin – now with Zen Coding (Pages, Forms & CSS).

Codemirror admin theme

Codemirror admin theme

Admin theme for Textpattern 4.4.1 using CodeMirror syntax highlighting.



A spoiler plugin that gives you foldable areas

This plugin gives you the power to create fold-able boxes, that you can click on to hide or show. Just as you know it from many forums.


Apply wraptag / label to any tag, plugin or content and apply transformations to the data

Wrap any content with standard Txp wraptag / class / html_id / label items and run the content through a sequence of transformations in the process. If the content is empty, no wrap is performed or the <txp:else /> is executed.


Easy EditArea integration

Makes in-browser code editing surprisingly pleasant


CKEditor WYSIWYG editor for TXP

A very basic version of the plugin. It loads the CKEditor into the body and excerpt textareas on the Write tab. As of version 0.1 the full editor is loaded and no customization of it is possible without editing the plugin.


Textile-Enabled Replacement for txp:title

Provides a <txp:hhh_textile_title/> tag that can employ Textile in processing of article titles. The extent of Textpattern capabilities is controlled by attributes. The tag is meant as a replacement for <txp:title/> and cannot be emulated by upm_textile.


Backend Textile Bar

Minimal Textile inserting bar to the backend’s Write-tab


Attempts to correctly title-case text.

A Textpattern port of the Wordpress plugin Title Case by Adam Nolley. It is ultimately based on code by John Gruber.

All 1062 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.