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CKEditor WYSIWYG editor for TXP

A very basic version of the plugin. It loads the CKEditor into the body and excerpt textareas on the Write tab. As of version 0.1 the full editor is loaded and no customization of it is possible without editing the plugin.


Textile-Enabled Replacement for txp:title

Provides a <txp:hhh_textile_title/> tag that can employ Textile in processing of article titles. The extent of Textpattern capabilities is controlled by attributes. The tag is meant as a replacement for <txp:title/> and cannot be emulated by upm_textile.


Backend Textile Bar

Minimal Textile inserting bar to the backend’s Write-tab


Attempts to correctly title-case text.

A Textpattern port of the Wordpress plugin Title Case by Adam Nolley. It is ultimately based on code by John Gruber.

wet_commentmagic: Auto-link URLs in comments

Apply automatic Textile markup on comments

wet_commentmagic changes all parts of a comment which might be decipherable as a web address…

Serve your site as application/xhtml+xml

If you want to serve your Textpattern site with the proper MIME type, you need…


Parse any text with Textile

Parse any text with Textile.


Give your listings a little highlight!

Updated to v0.5

A plugin to format and display a text file—specifically a file of code—in a convenient manner.

There are other plugins out there that do this, but this was my first shot an a TXP plugin—a project on which to cut my php teeth—and I wanted a code listing with cleaner layout than glx_code and a lot leaner output than GeSHi. This is the result.


WYSIWYG article editor

Adds a TinyMCE based WYSIWYG editor to Textpattern.

This is an update for mic_tinymce, originally developed by Michele Campeotto.


Textile setting for excerpts

Toggle default Textile setting for excerpts.

All 1087 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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