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Split and repeat. Build list, sort values.

Split, loop and repeat a value by value. With this Textpattern plugin, you can turn a simple list of values into advanced HTML output and lists. Split markup half, and represent halves in different places on the page.


Display the number of followers of your Twitter profile.

Textpattern port of the Twounter Wordpress plugin (v1.01) by Muhammad Haris, which lets you display the current number of people that are following your Twitter profile.


Font Image Generator

The plugin mka_fontimg generates images with the GD library and font files.


Email obfuscate/defuscate as textpattern plugin

yab_email is a tiny Textpattern CMS-Plugin for obfuscating and defuscating email adresses to prevent harvesting email adresses.


Speed up your TXP website!

Did you ever seen the source of Google’s html page? For speed reasons, Google is serving all its home page into one line of code. The benefit is a server bandwidth gain. So what don’t we make the same for ours TXP websites?

Just activate this plugin and your page templates and database css files will be...


iCal for Textpattern

With the mka_ical plugin it is possible to display Events from iCal URL (e.g. Google Calendar).


Adds no-cache headers to admin-side pages

Adds no-cache headers to admin-side pages. The plugin tries to disable all unwanted admin-side caching that could make editing articles and page templates impossible.


Block visitor's access based on their IP

Block or allow visitors by range of IP addresses. All powered by a elegant single little tag.


Replace occurences

A tiny Textpattern plugin that returns contained content with all searched occurrences replaced with given replacements. All powered with a simple XML stylish Textpattern tag.


Easy variables and calculations

aks_var operate with Txp variables, Custom Fields, apache variables, thisarticle variables, any PHP variables. Calculate, substr, regexp

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