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Allow registered users to change and reset password

A companion for cbe_frontauth: users can change and reset passwords for frontend.


Poll / Ballot / Voting plugin


Poll – Ballot – Voting plugin


  • Create votes/polls/ballots for your website.
  • Vote Info is added/edited on the Admin->Vote tab.
  • Presently up to 10 vote options can be set.
  • Ballot fraud check methods include a choice of cookie, ip, login. Cookie (default) reverts to IP if cookie can’t be set.
  • A closing date and time for your ballot can be set. Leave blank or set to ’00-00-00 00:00:00’ for a never ending vote.
  • Option to show results before voting closes or not. (Unless never-ending vote chosen)



Global variables

This is an easy way of getting hold of TXP global variables. Just specify the…


Join stuff together

adi_join is a simple little thing to join stuff together. Useful for creating comma-separated lists…


Admin-side form links

adi_form_links is another plugin designed to speed up workflow. It gives you a list of…


Authors can connect from frontend to their backend account

This plugin answers an old question asked in the french forum: se connecter depuis une page du site.

It can be summarized as “I want to be able from the site to connect to my Textpattern account, and if I am connected to see something special for me”.


Visitors can rate articles (based on wlk_helpful)

This plugin has two functions: rate an article by voting plus or minus, and return a list of best (or worst) rated articles.


Extends if_variable abilities

Treat your variables as strings or lists and compare them to strings or lists. A…


A plugin helper library

Needed by some of my other plugins. It looks like in my desire to minimize…


Like txp:hide but with a feature or two

Show or hide code/content blocks depending on site production status.

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