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This plugin was ported with permission from the Twounter Wordpress plugin (v1.01) by Muhammad Haris (link).

Kudos should be given solely to Muhammad, I myself have only modified it to be compatible with Textpattern.


  • Textpattern 4.20 or newer.
  • A host that allows fopen wrappers, since use is made of the PHP function file_get_contents.
  • The plugin adds one table called ‘jrh_twounter’ to your database as soon as you enable the plugin. The table is dropped upon removal of the plugin.

Function of this plugin

This plugin provides one single tag which you can put anywhere in your page to display the number of followers of your Twitter profile.

How to use

Call the jrh_twounter tag, and for the ‘username’ attribute, specify your Twitter username.

Example that gives the number of followers of

<txp:jrh_twounter username="textpattern" />


The tag returns just an unformatted number, so add your own HTML markup around the tag to suit your needs.

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December 29th 2009
Posted here:
29 Dec 2009

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