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Remembers the selected categories in write tab.

Remembers the selected categories in write tab.


Browse all 4 main content types on the admin side by Category using a select list

Using a dropdown select list, browse all main content types on the admin side by Category (and Section for Articles). Replaces lam_browse_by.


Custom sorting of sections

Textpattern 4.5+ required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Add categories directly from the Write tab

Type a list of categories directly in a box on the Write tab to have those categories created immediately and linked to the current article.


Weighted list of popular categories

A plugin for producing weighted lists of popular article categories that can be styled using CSS to take on the appearance of a category cloud. It’s based on the work of Mirko Jost.


Category & article menu

adi_cat_menu will produce a menu of child categories and their articles.

By default, adi_cat_menu will produce a menu containing all article categories together with the articles that belong to them. A parent category can be specified, using the parent="category name" attribute,...


An extension to txp:category that returns any parent element from the current (or named) category

Retrieves a parent category from any level “up the tree” of any given category


basically same as txp:popup except wraps each parent category in unselectable optgroup tag and lists each child category underneath them for better organization

lam_category_popup v0.5 download here

idea derived from this thread

basically the same thing as <txp:popup /> except it wraps each parent category in an unselectable tag...


mah_category_array: Returns array of non-empty article categories.


Library function that returns an array of non-empty “article”, “link”, “image”, or “file” categories.


Weighted list of article categories

Attention: This plugin is in an early stage. Please be aware, that it may contain bugs. Comments and constructive criticism welcome!


This simple plugin is based on the plugin cbs_category_list from Christophe Beyls, but shows the category list as a weighted list, like a tag...

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