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Expose parts of your database to the outside world

Just enter a name (containing only – _ . @ a-z A-Z 0-9) and some…


Filter and display information from any XML document on the web.

Grab XML data from a URL on the web (for example, a feed) and slice bits out of it to display on your TXP site.


Insert a table in TxP article is very simple!

Insert a table in TxP article is very simple! Select in Excel, IE, Mozilla, FireFox,…


Rapid Template Versioning

This plugin exports your pages, forms and styles to a specified folder and autoloads modified…


Alter pre-MySQL 4.1 tables to use UTF-8 charset

This plugin helps you to change the character set in Textpattern tables, created with MySQL versions older than 4.1, from ‘latin1’ to ‘utf8’ after you’ve upgraded to MySQL 4.1 or higher.


Template Files

This plugin creates a new tab under `extensions`, enabling the trivial export of pages, forms, and CSS rules to a specified folder for convenient editing, and the subsequent import of new and updated files.

Link Template 2 File

Import/Export Templates, Forms and CSS.

A simple export script that iterates through your forms, templates and css and exports them to a folder. The second script updates the database with the exported files.

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