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rsx_page_number [original]

Display the page number of an article list page.

Offers the following tags to display page numbers on article list pages: rsx_page_number, rsx_last_page_num, rsx_page_number_nav, rsx_page_number_list.


Multiple poll plugin

pap_xpoll is based on x-poll by X-scripts.

Disable logging for your home IP.

I got sick of seeing my home IP address in the logs (usually more of them than anything else). Changed a couple of lines in textpattern/publish/log.php and now my logs almost never change.


Output the number of users who have accessed (a section) of your site in the past x seconds.

This tag will output the number of distinct users who have accessed your site in…


Most Popular Page View From bbClone

This plugin will list the x most popular pages according to hits received in bbClone.…


Full polling capacity for Textpattern

tcm_poll is a plugin system in the style of tcm_rating , which uses an extra database table, one php file, and two plugins to provide full polling capacity for Textpattern. It utilizes extra fields for poll questions and answers.


Counts images in an article or category

A simple plugin that counts how many images there is in an article or a category or just total number of images uploaded to TXP.


Textpattern rating system

Allows a rating system.


Output current comment number

Allows for outputting current comment number.


Displays the most popular articles according to your log.

This plugin scours your log file to determine the most accessed articles. Articles are displayed…

All 1087 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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