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Create prev/next links within a category

Allows one to create prev/next links within a category, rather than in a section. Based…


Navigation links to next and previous

Provides two tags: <txp:zem_link_to_next></txp:zem_link_to_next> <txp:zem_link_to_prev></txp:zem_link_to_prev> These work the same as txp:link_to_next and txp_link_to_prev, except they…


Link log formatting, navigation and search

tfu_linklog expands Textpattern’s functionality for formatting, navigating and searching links.


Default Section PermaLinks

I need to generate matching permalinks for my TextPattern installation. This is just a bit…


Redirect for Textpattern URLs

301 redirect and 404 not found handler for Textpattern articles. Redirects browsers and search engine…


Google-styled page navigatioon

This plugin creates a navigation bar as seen on Google when you search for something.…

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