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Filter text

This plugin allows filters and other simple string calculations to be applied to arbitraty text.…


This plugin generates a Firefox button for your site based on those available on the…


Formatted contact cards redux

This plugin produces a list of authors and administrators for a site with additional contact…


Formatted contact cards

This plugin creates a formatted list of the authors and administrators for a Textpattern driven…


Pick an article to transform into a guestbook

A plugin that transforms an article into a guestbook. Main features are reverse ordering of…

Centralized Acronyms Mod

Adds a centralized list of acronyms

These are the changes required to allow a centralized list of acronyms to be maintained and automatically substitued in any Textile parsed text. A new sub-tab will be added to the Content tab that allows for adding/deleting/editing acronyms. This mod is an extension of greenrift’s Automatic Acronym mod. This mod assumes that you already have greenrif’s mod already installed. If you do not, then install that mod first. Directions are linked on the textpattern forum.


Plugins Table Generator of plugins on your site

This plugin is quite simple; it will generate a list of the plugins you have currently installed on your Textpattern site.


Redirect for Textpattern URLs

301 redirect and 404 not found handler for Textpattern articles. Redirects browsers and search engine…

Textpattern Buttons

Steal these buttons!

Some buttons in the tradition of the Steal These Buttons! style. This one: is just…

Building a 404 Error Page in Textpattern

This is a concise outline of what I did to get a custom 404 page…

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