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Highlights the current article or current section.

This plugin highlights the current article or current section.


Reduces the incentive for comment spam.

Applies PR blocking to outgoing links, to reduce the incentive for comment spam.

Including PHP scripts

Enable php includes and scripts in Textpattern

Are you trying to embed PHP scripts or run php includes in your Textpattern site? not working?


adds error document support to TxP

sgb_error_documents adds error document handling to TxP. Currently the plugin supports two error codes, 403 Forbidden and 404 Not Found, more can easily be add. (Although this plugin was designed as a companion to sgb_url_handler it can be used by any plugin/hack.)


Transforms a txt-file to a nice code presentation

This plugin implements Dunstan’s ideas of code presentation Parameters file subtext sublinktext olclass Example tags…

Random articles

Call a random article or list of random articles

The ability to call a random article is already built into the txp:article_custom tag, with the attribute sortby="rand()".


Modify page title display

This plugin is for control of and flexible utilization of document titles. It is an enhancement to the <txp:page_title /> tag.


Random text from database or text file

Random Text grabs a random text string from either a database table or a text…

Subversion (SVN)

Subversion and Textpattern

Subversion is a version control program. You can use it to get the latest version of textpattern Dean is working on.


Syntax highlight code

Uses the GeSHi engine to prettily syntax highlight code on your TextPattern pages… see the…

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