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creates a blogroll from NetNewsWires

Parses NetNewsWires OPML Subscription list into a HTML list.

Linklists and Blogroll

Creating linklists and blogrolls for your Textpattern site

This article is based on the German Tutorial: Eine Blogroll und/oder Linkliste in TXP einbauen.…

Markdown with Textpattern

Start by downloading Michel Fortins PHP Markdown that is a ported version of John Grubers…


Display songs from a Now Playing -style XML file

This plugin will display songs from a Now Playing -style XML file in TextPattern. The…


Displays blogrolling linklist

This plugin displays the link list of your account from blogrolling.com. Read more at the…


Display Del.icio.us bookmarks as TXP links

Inspired by Jon Hick’s Sidebar Links with Del.icio.us and wanting something that was easy to…


BBClone for Textpattern

Includes the BBClone counter into your pages; this Plugin makes the BBClone web statistics tool…


Simple hit counter plugin

This plugin works with BBClone. You install the counter script (get it from here), set…

Moblog with Textpattern

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Moblog

Send pictures directly from your camera phone to your blog.

bsl_audioscrobbler, continued2

Audioscrobbler Plugin Continued2

This is an expansion on an existing plugin by Bradley Law. All attributes now…

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