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Linklists and Blogroll

This article is based on the German Tutorial: Eine Blogroll und/oder Linkliste in TXP einbauen.

Besides publishing articles, most bloggers and siteowners are keen to implement a linklist and/or blogroll for their site. Various possibilities are avilable for setting up a linklist/blogroll for Textpattern.

1) TXP Linklist

First of all, it is advisable to create a link category under content/_organise_ of the Admin menu.

Next, go to content/_links_ and copy the link URL into the corresponding input field. Add a link description and save it under the preferred category.

The Textpattern tag usually used to generate a linklist looks something like this:
<txp:linklist form="Links" category="yourCategory" limit="100" sort="rand()" wraptag="ul" break="li" />

Note: the Textpattern form “Links” contains the following tags:
<txp:link /><br />
<txp:link_description />

Place the Textpattern tag on the/in the X/HTML code of the corresponding page, and voila! you’ve got a nice linklist with the links and their description.

To expand Textpattern’s functionality for formatting, navigating and searching links, you can use the plugin .

2) Linklists is a “social bookmark manager”.
You can organise your bookmarks by tagging them and sharing them with others.

For those of you collecting a lot of bookmarks, the use of’ service is pretty advisable.

Marshal Potter aka Greenrift, did publish the Plugin , which enables you to publish your bookmarks in Textpattern.

To get that plugin to work, some files from the RSS Reader Software MagpieRSS have to be transferred to your server.

The Plugin works like a charm for the Textpattern rc2.0 version, though not the version rc1.0. Therefore, you’ll need to add some lines of PHP code (see this forum thread for more information).
The tag required for link output is:
<txp:txp_icio_us username="username" require="" form="Links" />

Formatting the linklist is provided via the form named Links.
If you try to get some output for you Linklist and don´t have some, wait till has updated its database. That can take quite some time (30 min). is a great service and you should give it a try.
(Absolutely – Complete Tool Collection)

3) Blogroll

The third possibility presented here is a dynamically updated blogroll. is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal, helping you manage your ever-evolving linklist with ease. Dirk Steins wrote the plugin <txp:fpx_blogroll /> which displays the linklist of for your account. Check it out. also provides a blogroll service. You can generate a bit of html code, place it in your page and get a nice blogroll, which is updated everytime the blog is updated.

Jushua Peeks plugin jwp_nnw_blogroll creates a blogroll from NetNewsWires.

More of this information is available (in German) at the original article.

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February 17, 2005
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14 Mar 2005

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