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Audioscrobbler plugin

Audioscrobbler is a service that shows the songs you have been listening to in your…


This plugin generates a Firefox button for your site based on those available on the…


Blosxom ratings

This plugin is a port of Rael Dornfest’s ratings plugin for the elegant Blosxom. It…


A plugin for "Today in History" events

This plugin grabs the the current date page from the Wikipedia. It then parses out…

Installing Gravatars

TextPattern Hack for adding Gravatars to your Textpattern site

From the Gravatar implementor’s guide, here’s how to get Gravatars working on your site. (A…

Gravatars, and how not to show them

The basic implementation instructions don’t mention how to not display the gravatar for those commenters…

Auto RSS feed icon in Firefox

This Tip is now outdated, as Textpattern provides this functionality out-of-the-box. See feed_link tag.

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