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Self-comment email prevention

Prevent email notification of your own comments

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments.

(Read the instructions at the Information URL below)

Tooltip popups and notes on admin screen

Add some help tips to your admin page

This is a reasonably simple way to add some additional notes and helpful text to your admin screen. The popup tooltips act upon mouseover of the tooltipped text.

Self-register on a Textpattern site

Add text on login page to have people register

This will simply add a bit of text and a link on the login page to let people know to register if they don’t already have a login.

Random articles

Call a random article or list of random articles

The ability to call a random article is already built into the txp:article_custom tag, with the attribute sortby="rand()".

Renaming Textpattern directory

Change Textpattern administration directory

If you’re looking to rename the Textpattern admin directory (which by default is “textpattern”), then you may do this with mod_rewrite through your .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule  ^admin/(.*)  /textpattern/$1     [NC,L]

where “admin” would be come the...

Password reset in MYSQL database

Reset lost or forgotten Textpattern password

There may be instances in which you or another user on your Textpattern site loses their login password, or you may find that in your webhost’s transition from MYSQL 4.0 to 4.1, your Textpattern password no long works. Apparently the password function in 4.0 creates a 16 character password while 4.1 creates a...


Static articles in chosen order

(Note: use of doArticle is not recommended practise. The instructions have been updated to use the recommended tags <txp:article /> or <txp:article_custom />.)

Articles are traditionally organized by date, but if you want them presented in an order of your choosing, then the tag...

if_individual_article and if_article_list tags

Conditional tags for article list and full article pages

These conditionals are built into textpattern and are very useful for setting up your pages to have certain behavior on article list pages versus behavior of single full article pages.

Example usage of the ‘if individual article’ and ‘if article list’...

Subversion (SVN)

Subversion and Textpattern

Subversion is a version control program. You can use it to get the latest version of textpattern Dean is working on.

Open All Comments

Open Comments in Textpattern after an Import

Here is a script you can run after the fact to open up commenting on posts imported by my script.

Place the script in your textpattern directory, rename it from open-comments.php.txt to open-comments.php, and run it by browsing to the page in your web browser. I’ve ran it on my install at home, and it...

Clean Category URLs

Clean Category URLs the lazy way

Clean urls are so much nicer, and I believe better spidered. Getting clean category urls the easy way (aka. the lazy way)

My site nav is hard coded into a custom form, so I changed the urls to what I want.

Image must be same format as thumbnail

Regarding images that are uploaded through the Textpattern admin interface (tabs: content > images), please note that you cannot mix two formats: the large image and the thumbnail must be the same format, because the database only stores information about the large image and sets a boolean value if it has a thumbnail or not.

So you...

Customizing Custom Fields

How to add custom fields and edit names

Custom fields are available under Advanced Options, on the left of the writing area when you’re posting an article.

To add more custom fields, and to give them custom names, open up /lib/admin_config.php

and find the following:
// ------------------------------------------------------------- // use custom...

Comments Count

Displaying the number of comments

To display the number of comments for an article (for use in an aritcle form), use the following tag: <txp:comments_count />.

This tag will display a number if there is at least one comment to the article. If you would like the number ‘0’ to display when there are zero comments, find...

Changing the Date Format

Override Date Format

You probably know you can change the Date format, Archive date format, and Comments date format by hitting up your ‘admin’ tab and ‘preferences’ tab underneath that, in your Admin panel. ( )

You can also override this format, by supplying the Textpattern tag,...

Finding the best colors

Sorting out great colors for your site

Getting those colors juuuust right can be a tedious task. And guess what, others have struggled before you. Below are a set of links you can use when you need inspiration or are absolutely colorblind. The links are compiled from a post over at textpattern...

Hiding the Authors List

Restricting view of authors list to authorized admin access

So it came to my attention that, even though only Managing Editors and Publishers (Textpattern privilege assignments) are given access to the ‘admin’ tab in the Administration Panel, anyone who is logged in can access the ‘site admin’ screen if they point their browser to ?event=admin

Changing passwords

Changing your Admin Panel password

If you are the sole user of the site, then you probably already know you can change your password by clicking the ‘admin’ tab and selecting the ‘site admin’ tab under that.

However, if you are not the primary or first registered user on the site, and are not granted admin access (only ‘Publishers’...

Advanced Options open by default

When you’re writing an article in Textpattern, there is a link on the left for ‘Advanced Options’. Clicking it opens many new options, such as an override forms, custom fields, keywords, etc. By default, these Advanced Options are hidden until clicked open. If you would like it to be open by default, then here’s how...

Auto RSS feed icon in Firefox

This Tip is now outdated, as Textpattern provides this functionality out-of-the-box. See feed_link tag.

Textpattern Diagram

Drawing the connections between Presentation and Content

This is a very clear diagram that explains, through illustration, the relationships between the elements of “Presentation” and “Content”.

Textpattern Buttons

Steal these buttons!

Some buttons in the tradition of the Steal These Buttons! style.
This one: Textpattern is just one of several, available at the forum.

Textpattern 404 Voodoo

What you will need

* Textpattern in Clean URL mode.
* The If_Category plug-in.
* The zem_redirect plug-in (<txp:zem_redirect /> added to the very first line of your page template).
* your .htaccess file.

Textpattern, clash of the plug-ins!

The clash of zem_redirect and style-switcher plug-ins

Having installed the style sheet switcher plug-in, shortly followed by my hacked version of the zem_redirect plug-in. I found that I was unable to get the style sheet switcher to work consistently, if you want a list of style options on every single page site wide, you are probably screwed but there is a solution to the problem.

Textpattern Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet pre-loads the following fields
custom_1 (closet) = Page-Title
custom_2 (cupboard) = Page-URL
Title (of the post) = Page-Title
Body (of the post) = via-link to the referrer

Prevent email notifications for your own comments

Textpattern Notes Part 3

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments

read at Info Page

Textpattern transition?

Reasons to move to Textpattern from MovableType

Reasons to make the move from Movable Type to Textpattern.

Adding a Default Section

Migrating to TextPattern

Out of the box, the TextPattern clean-url section handling isn’t quite what I want. Radio’s categories are structured like miniature weblogs. But Textpattern sections are interwined together. Viewed through my Radio experience, the problem seems to be that there is no default section that includes all articles.


All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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