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Password reset in MYSQL database

There may be instances in which you or another user on your Textpattern site loses their login password, or you may find that in your webhost’s transition from MYSQL 4.0 to 4.1, your Textpattern password no long works. Apparently the password function in 4.0 creates a 16 character password while 4.1 creates a 40 characters password.

Textpattern passwords are encrypted in the database, so you can’t quite just go in and see/replace the passwords with anything you’d like. But here’s what you can do:

If you have a textpattern install with a password that you’ve forgotten/misplaced/lost the scrap of paper you wrote it down on, you can edit one of the users via mysql and change the password field to:


Then log in with the password:

(that’s a zero, not an OH)

The other way to do it is to run the following query in phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE txp_users SET pass = PASSWORD('newpass') WHERE name = 'loginName';


UPDATE PFXtxp_users SET pass = password('NEW_PASSWORD') WHERE user_id = 'USER_ID_OF_USER'

where PFX is the prefix you set in your TXP config (make sure you wrap the whole thing in backticks, though not doing so probably won’t have an effect), NEW_PASSWORD is the new password you want, wrapped in single quotes. USER_ID_OF_USER is the user_id of the user whose password you want to reset.

Thanks to “Ray”: ryanschwartz and greenrift for these answers.

Marcus Geiger has written instructions in German.

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27 Feb 2005

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