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Red Marinee for Textpattern

Red Marinee Template for Textpattern

Red Marinee

I have just released the Red Marinée...

Green Marinee for Textpattern

Green Marinee ported to TXP

Green Marinee

I have ported Ian Main’s Green MarinĂ©e...

TXP Flex Single

TXP Flex Single

txp flex single

Here is the latest addition to my ports of...

TXP Flex

Flex ported to TXP.


TXP Flex is my third offering from

TXP Gespaa Single

TXP port of Gespaa

gespaa single

This is a port of Gespaa from

TXP Manji

Manji for Textpattern

txp manji post

TXP Manji is a complete, flexible system to...

TXP Clean

A deceptively simple, clean style.

txp clean

TXP Clean looks a lot more simple than it...

Clean Blues

2-column, light blues template


2-column, greens, bold-header-graphic template

Serene from


3-column, rustic and exotic brown and red, label image

I dusted off my scanner, and...

Web Writer

3-column, white with neutrals, typewriter-faced template

Simple Warm

3-column, warm greys template

Gemini-based layouts

I have ported all of the “Gemini” based layouts on the following pages to...


3-column, blue and green template

Here’s a simple textpattern...