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TXP Manji

txp manji post

TXP Manji is a complete, flexible system to wrap your Textpattern install in and keep it nice and warm. Originally designed by Khaled Abou Alfa and Root for WordPress it has now been ported by yours truly. The system already has built into it an About page and Contact page (though you will need to write your own articles to go with these). The Contact page has a built-in form mailer courtesy of Zem’s excellent plug-in. The Archive page comes in two flavours, both monthly and by category. The Links page is already set up and only requires that you put some links in. The Search page is to die for. It is a Live Search using Wilshire’s gorgeous plug-in. You have to see it in operation to believe it. The download includes the CSS, all page and form templates in txt format plus all the required plug-ins so all you need to do is install them and switch them on. All the tags are in the templates. Last but not least I have included a nice little installation instruction readme to guide you through the perfect install. Due to some of the plug-ins being used I can only guarantee that the TXP Manji system will run on an RC3 installation from the current public download of 29/04/05 or later.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
15 May 2005
Posted here:
25 May 2005

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