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TXP Flex Single

txp flex single

Here is the latest addition to my ports of styles from Phu Ly. Actually this one didn’t exist until yesterday. It was an idea I put to Phu having just finished porting TXP Gespaa Double.

“As we have a horizontal navbar to fit Flex” says I, “why don’t we do a single column version to complete the set as it were?”.

“Well why not” came back the reply and here it is.

We’ve gone with an article listing similar to TXP Clean having a Latest full article which will use a standard excerpt if one is provided in the excerpt box, followed by a listing of Recent posts which are wordcount-limited excerpts regardless of whether there is a standard excerpt or not. This may make this style suitable for a news-oriented type of site giving maximum coverage using minimum space.

All my normal TXP System culprits are included so I won’t bore you with them.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
06 June 2005
Posted here:
06 Jun 2005

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