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Simple redirect plugin. Place in article an voilá!

Online Plugin Packaging Tool

Online Textpattern Plugin Packaging Tool

A tool to package your Textpattern plugins.


Clean, configurable URLs

Clean, configurable URLs for Textpattern.


Support all URL formats at the same time

I was excited about the new clean-URL options in TxP 1.0 (esspecially about dropping the ID from the URL), but I was disaapointed to learn that TxP would only accept URLs in the format it was writing them in. So I wrote a plugin to address that. Announcing sgb_url_handler.

Clean feed URLs

This modification exists as a single file. It should be downloaded and renamed to ‘atom’…

Clean URLs in Textpattern

The URLs at my site follow the format suggested by Mamash in one of his…

Clean Category URLs

Clean Category URLs the lazy way

Clean urls are so much nicer, and I believe better spidered. Getting clean category urls the easy way (aka. the lazy way)

My site nav is hard coded into a custom form, so I changed the urls to what I want.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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