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Image rendering loop

Lists images by employing user supplied markup

Photoblog Tutorial

Plugin-free Photoblog Template Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a photoblog with Textpattern. No plugins required!


Directory Gallery

Generates a gallery from the images in a directory. Does not use the textpattern database.


A click on a thumbnail places the orginal image above your current page, not within.


Display Flickr photos as a gallery or individually

Shows images from your flickr photostream as a gallery in your textpattern website.

Setting up a (thumbnail-) gallery

A tutorial on setting up a gallery

This tutorial is based on the German tutorial:
“Eine (Thumbnail-) Galerie umsetzen” by Nils and Alex.
It referrs to a thumbnail-gallery Nils H. did set up on the german site www.durchgedreht24.de

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