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Displays a list of the most commented-upon articles.

The purpose of Chatometer is to list articles by the number of comments they receive.…

Put comments anywhere on an article page

HowTo: Putting TXP Comments Anywhere on an Article Page

This is a dead easy hack to Textpattern that will let you have your comments anywhere on an article page—not just tacked onto the bottom of the text like the default behaviour.


Add favatars to comments

This plugin allows for display of favatars (favicon avatars) in comments and is intended to be used within your default comment form. The output is a complete image tag; if no image is found or some problem occurs, no image tag is output.


Output current comment number

Allows for outputting current comment number.


Allows checking name of commenter against article author or custom list of names

Conditional output based on comparing the name, email, and/or url of the commenter. You could…


Gravatar plugin

Outputs a users Gravatar in comments. More info about Gravatars at gravatar.com


Returns a value from thiscomment

Returns a value from $thiscomment

Use this tag inside a comment form

Self-comment email prevention

Prevent email notification of your own comments

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments.…


Display content every n-th step

<txp:zem_nth> conditionally displays content every “n-th” step. Example uses: Alternate or cycle colours and…

Live Textile-Formatted Comment Preview

In TextPattern when you click on an article and are presented with the ability to comment, the set of input boxes, text areas, and other items are generated by a simple “form” called comment_form. The idea is that …

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