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Open All Comments

Open Comments in Textpattern after an Import

Here is a script you can run after the fact to open up commenting on…


Comments not displayed after a single article

Based on TXP’s base code. It modifies the article function so that the comments are…


Enhanced comment functions

It gives you a few functions that replaces the built-in Textpattern comment functions. For one,…

Comments Count

Displaying the number of comments

To display the number of comments for an article (for use in an aritcle form),…

Author Highlighting in Textpattern

Apply a different style to the authors comments

A small change in comment.php to highlight the author in comments.

Moderate Comments After

Old comments become moderated.

Comment spam is annoying and happens more for older posts, but disabling commenting on older…

Installing Gravatars

TextPattern Hack for adding Gravatars to your Textpattern site

From the Gravatar implementor’s guide, here’s how to get Gravatars working on your site. (A…

Gravatars, and how not to show them

The basic implementation instructions don’t mention how to not display the gravatar for those commenters…

Prevent email notifications for your own comments

Textpattern Notes Part 3

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments…

Hacking the Txp Comment System

Alter comments form, including Live Preview instructions

Purpose of this hack: Change the recorded comments to display as <div>’s rather than <li>’s,…

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