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[Editor's notes] TRv2 items

To do items:

(please add and edit as much as possible.. even small items are nice to note. of course, documentation mediocrosedes the stuff getting done…. Which is why, I like to think, that we have such little documentation to begin with — we’re getting o much stuff done!)

  • [ ] clean up main archive pages (note) bycat archives are invalid lists.. not sure they can be made valid as lists at all..
  • [ ] IE — fixes for IE — Patrick
    • [ ] front page: lower left (recent articles list).. half fixed:

      i believe the fix for the bottom left color wierdness is to resize the all of the fade images (like fadepage.gif)…from 200×1 to 140×1

    • [x] floats issues on individual article pages .. (resizing window kills the rightmost column)

      I think this is fixed with some IE only expression voodo. Working for me anyway. -Patrick

      individual articles behaving very grumpily in my IE6… looks like the top of the article body is Clearing the left…

      I swear it wasn’t doing that. I think I got it this time. Also added a max-width of 100% to .image-element img so that it doesn’t overflow .abody, now to fix the comments.

    • [x] still need to deal with the white-background article titles in that same spot — specifying background colors seems to address this. have not yet added specified colors for :hover, though. ….btw, this whole issue has to do with the fact that IE requires display:inline on li, otherwise it separates link from li onto different lines (* html #recentarticles li, * html #recentarticles a ... {display:inline}) but then the link is still display:block, and somehow this separates the colors. I“m tempted to say “screw it” on this matter and let IE people deal with weird colors. float issues are more important.

      Floated the lis which got rid of the extra vertical height. – Patrick

    • [ ] archive pages are a mess
      • [x] fixed IE7 display by separating out arcat and changing margin-top:-1em to 0 for IE — Nils
    • [ ] also noticed that in IE, once a link is visited, it no longer recognizes the :hover state/color.
    • [ ] what’s the difference/value between using #element :link, #element :visited and #element a ?
    • [x] The blue background color for the entry body is overflowing weirdly in IE on Individual pages.

      Think I fixed this. Fudged it with height since IE expands stuff stupidly anyway -Patrick

  • [x] implement Self-registerAli[done]
  • [x] create asv_recent_commentsAmit[done]
  • [x] comments page — create.. this would be a page of all recent coments, as well as break down of comments from each section. also, top commenters?
    • [ ] list of random articles with zero comments
  • [x] edit mdn_count to show all articles on site — Ruud[done]
  • [x] edit mdn_count to be able to add sections — [Ruud: done, and already using it to show the total number of articles in the archives]
  • [ ] a magical plugin that crosses the features of if_different and if_last_article
  • Performance testing/improvement
    • [ ] test how much calling to output_form (rather than straight in the page template) slows page runtime
    • [ ] test if using the default page only for the frontpage improves performance
      • [x] didn’t test it, but split out the Default page template into Default and Article…
    • [ ] decide if caching plugin is needed
    • [ ] optimize rss_category_cloud by reducing number of SQL queries
  • [x] sgb_url_handler is broken, but we want clean urls as such: /section/category/, /section/id/ %, /section/title %(note)no id) ..Ruud create a plugin for this
  • [x] create rvm_if_allRuud[done]
    • [x] is rvm_if nestable? at moment I’m nesting mdn_if_custom within rvm_if.. (Ruud: if it isn’t, then you can use rvm-if1, rvm-if2… rvm-if5 tags. I’ve added them as aliases to the main rvm-if tag in case the TXP parser doesn’t like nesting) .awesome.
  • a few items on suparchive_by_cat
    • [x] make current-section-sensitive — Ruud[done]
    • [x] use classes, not IDs (calling two on a page) (note) edited manually in pluginAli[done]
    • [x] can we also set this_section=“0”? not sure if it’s working (Tags page).. — made irrelevant
  • [x] set up Tags page (using rss_tagcloud and tru_tags)
  • [x] fix Tags page — right now if you click a tag, it doesn’t work. (note) I dont know why.. it works perfectly on ferrydust with the same tags.. wonder if it might have to do with sgb_url_handler? [Ali/Ruud: done]
  • [ ] syndication page with RSS flavors and all subscription links/buttons
  • [x] need to show Last Modified dateshould read if a new comment is posted, if an old article is modified (or new one added, of course). …ended up achieving this with an article form and ob1_if_modified to identify the date of the most recently added/edited article.Ali[done]
  • [x] Notices page created, to separate from About page
  • [x] installed ras_if_dates to post notices on front page and expire them after X days.
  • [x] added “Author archive”:/authorarchive.
    • [ ] set to limit=“50” and set up archive pagination
  • [x] make sectionarchive archives filter the same way categoryarchive does [Ruud: done]
  • [x] create Links page
  • [x] sort txp:linklist (/links) by category. (Ali overlooked built-in sort ability)Ruud[done]
  • [ ] ability/extension to see last-logged-in author, and time of login. even more ideal to be able to see what they affected. … believe that Amit (ASV) is working on this. preliminary asv_tracker built.
  • [ ] Popular articles — ability to sort and search popular articles on the site
  • [x] ob1_googlenav need “1 2 … 13 14” to show that there are so many pages… otherwsie, just “1 2 3 >>” is misleading. [Ruud: done]
  • [ ] show what page you’re on when paging through (add text to the top to this effect
  • [x] set up article comments
  • [x] set up (search results*
  • [ ] set up advanced search page with various search options (/search)
  • [ ] set up live search (rss_live_search)
  • [ ] set up live archive (rss_live_archive) .. actually, this is only useful if it can show categories/sections. date-based not so useful on this site.
  • [x] set up comments feeds (ajw_comments_feeds)
  • [ ] set up trackbacks
  • [ ] set up show/hide javascript for article list pages (note) currently .abody *{display:none;}
  • [ ] set up stylesheet switcher (minimalization and print view) feature
  • [x] get chh_related articles to work ..(note) (again, Ali overlooked built-in feature)Ruud
  • [x] transfer site to its new home and launch
  • [ ] set up trv3 testbed for ongoing sandbox/feature development
  • [x] split out categories (note) (old: meta/rss/subscription, section/category, keywords/excerptm links/navigation, files/media)
    • [ ] split out/rename more categories
    • [ ] implement unlimited categories?
  • [ ] get authors to start using keywords. and they no longer need ‘override form’ (this info goes on the ‘help’ page)
  • [x] write category explanations for Help page ..nah.
  • [x] create *Help section (/help) —basic question/answer articles that draw on existing articles and new ones
    • [x] write content for help section ..continuing
  • [ ] pretty up main nav and background
  • [ ] implement logo from last year’s logo design contest?
  • [x] rvm_admin_write extension %(note)(adds popups to custom fields, hides override forms, hides advanced link, auto-expands advanced options) %— Ruud
    • [x] hide comments/timestamp for lower privileged users
    • [x] show only relevant sections in selectbox for lower privileged users [Ruud: done]
    • [x] tooltips on Write page [Ruud: done]
  • [ ] Plugin storage — develop and implement admin extensions to facilitate recordation and storage of plugins and other resources; improved authorship experience
  • [x] fix error image wraps — Ali
  • [x] fix category links:

    On the plugins/mods… sections, shouldn’t the category links on the right side point to category overviews within the current section?
    galleries link on the right points to:
    but should probably be:
    same for the other sections (plugins, mods, tips, tutorials, templates)

    Ali[will get this in a.m.]
  • [ ] fix header graphic at .. the at should not be all low and dumb. is this CSS manageable? or is it necessary to turn the ‘at’ into a graphic?
  • [x] fixed breadcrumbs — Ali
  • [ ] made a little sitemap (article). will need a real one for the site.
  • [x] fix tags page ..give appropriate article form.. etc.
  • [x] #catlist changes: so that on a category listing in a section the catlist is section aware, and on default(no section) page, catlist spans all sections.
  • [ ] pagination issues:
    • [x] Pagination should not show if there are less than x (10) total articles being returned on the page. [Ruud: done, using the rvm-if plugin which can now check page/numpages]
    • [x] right now, pagination shows the number of articles beneath it… but that’s only # of articles in the whole section. on a category page (e.g.) the number should be the intersection of the section and the category that is selected. [Ruud: done]
    • [x] hmm… counts on category pages are weird on the pagination… they don’t match anything. try clicking various categories on the right catlist, and see the pagination numbers on bottom left… [Ruud: done, the old counters didn’t restrict to current section]
    • [ ] if the archive pages start using pagination as well, then the counter in the pagination div should query $thispage instead of using mdn_count. This would also require modifications to several plugins that currently don’t paginate and/or don’t populate the $thispage global variable.
  • [x] on a catlist on default page, body of articles is showing. ammend this (css) by adding id=“scatpage”
  • [x] added br.ab (clear=“both”) to mend article list (categories in .articlekey were sticking out the bottom because column was longer than right(body) column.
  • [x] fixed jump links in aboutmenu and noticesmenu. added a menu on misc. page (for our use… going to want a password on that page eventually…
  • [x] add a password or something to the Misc Admin section.. or something. although… hm. [x] maybe just add an admin section. — accomplished
  • [x] gbp_permanent_links (to replace sgb_url_handler?) ..installed
    • [x] seems to be producing errors though:

      Notice: Undefined index: Posted in /users/home/txporg/public_html/trv2/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(512) : eval()‘d code on line 261

    • [ ] also, when an untraditional permlink is used, it seems to trick past glx_if_frontpage, and so uses page formatting as if we were on the very front page ?
  • [x] rss_admin_quickpik? — by RSS
  • [x] tag cloud tags aren’t working… they’re not going linking anywhere. [Ruud: was caused by gbp_permanent_links plugin which is no longer active]
  • [x] clean category urls utilized by rss_category_cloud is causing #catlist to not recognize and not output. e.g. [Ruud: seems to work now, probably also caused by gbp_permanent_links]
  • [x] frontpage category links were going to ./categoryname. manually created links in default form to ./category/categoryname
  • [x] “submit your message” (e.g.) button lengths too short
  • “submit your message” (e.g.) buttons could do with some styling on :hover
  • [x] contact form created. [x] give its own section
  • [ ] create a proper 404 page
  • [ ] happy CSS across browsers
  • [ ] valid html
  • [x] restricted sections for staff writers in write tab [Ruud: done]
  • [x] working URLs everywhere
  • [ ] paginated archives
  • [x] URL handler for /section/category links
  • [ ] bulleted lists on right side don’t display properly in Firefox
  • [-] adding <txp:password_protect /> in admin articles .. yeah. that tag didn’t work. never mind.
  • [x] changed aboutmenu to blue
  • [ ] a thought… what about being able to get the intersection of two categories? for example, articles that are categorized both “links” and “lists”.. maybe /plugins/links/lists ? just a thought.. not urgent.. but when we have a hundred more plugins, this will start being a nice feature, methinks…
  • [ ] we really need to be using more than two categories.
  • [x] fyi.. I turned off about 6 plugins… if you notice something broken, it might be that a plugin has to be reactivated (or its instance replaced with a different tag… lemme know if you run into some.)
  • [x] txp:rss_suparchive_bycat ..articles are not in alphabetical order [Ruud:done]
  • [x] weed out old/unused/invalid user accounts (2009)
  • [ ] transfer of author ownerships
  • [x] ran sql query to “fix some messed up characters”:
  • [x] target firefox. ugh. can’t be done. my poor bullets
  • [x] comments on notices and about
  • [x] added if_comments and glx_if_comments greater than 0 tags in appropriate spots
  • [x] rss feeds changed to sitewide; fixed autodiscovery
  • [x] implement hak_textile on comments (as per)
  • [x] implemented hak_tinymce (admin side)
  • [x] added Browse on individual article pages for Next/Previous articles
  • [x] replace current zem_contact with zem_contact_reborn
  • [x] Made a few edits, “as per”:
  • [x] Comments preview is down!? ..fixed
  • [x] added conditionals to intelligently display note above comment form if alternative site is available for the article (forum thread or information URL)
  • [x] added new custom field: “status” to note when an article is archived and brief explanation
  • [x] display new “status” field in articles
  • [x] display “archived” status in archives
  • [ ] create “archived” list of articles with their corresponding explanations/replacements
  • [ ] create link on each article for site users to easily report broken links and provide alternative links/uploadable plugins, etc.
  • [ ] contact form isn’t showing up on individual article page
  • [ ] figure out the deal with authorarchive
  • [ ] implement article ratings
  • [ ] clean up tags
  • [ ] fill in keywords for articles
  • [x] set up Google Search per Mem’s suggestion.
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]
  • [ ]

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