Content last modified Monday 3 September 2018
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Note to Authors

I made something. Now what?

If an article referring to something of yours is already here and you would like to modify it or otherwise have it posted in your name, please simply inform the admin and that access will be yours as quickly as possible.

If an article referring to something of yours is here and you do not want it to be here, please send an email and it will certainly be removed as quickly as possible — it is, after all, your works.

If you have tutorials/tips/plugins/templates/etc. that you would like to be more accessible to the Textpattern community, then by all means please register / sign in and post as many entries as you’d like. If you’d rather not do it yourself, please feel free to email the link(s)/information, and it will be posted for you.

If there is any piece of information — a url, your name, etc. — that you would rather not have shown with your article, please send an email in this regard and the requested information will be removed. If you are posting your own article, you may of course leave fields blank and leave out information that you do not want shared.

Besides all that good stuff, your suggestions and comments are very much welcomed..

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