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About this site

I must know how this website was constructed.

This site is managed, naturally, by Textpattern and is hosted at Textdrive.

The version of Textpattern being run on this site right now is 4.0.4. The original Textpattern Resources site was run with 9 sections and one single template page. In this version (TRv2) there are 21 sections and 6 page templates, filled with forms and conditionals. Each article is accompanied by 8 custom fields, for information bits like ‘Author’s name’, ‘Forum URL’, etc.

This site was founded by Alicson, and would not have been possible without the gracious efforts of Remillard, who also authored several custom plugins for this site as it was being built, Wilshire, who put together the first extensive archives on this site, added many key plugins, and helped conceptualize TRv2, and Ruud, who built half the backend (expanding, streamlining and adding crucial plugins, adjustments to the admin side) of TRv2 and spent countless hours making everything work in general.

Their work, along with may other very beautiful plugins and mods made available by the talented and generous textpattern community, are what makes this site do what it does. Further and continuing immense thanks go to Andrew, Osei, Manfre, Obeewan, Variaas, Sencer, Zem, Hakjoon, Skubidu, and Eric. And a genuine note of appreciation goes out to everyone who makes this community what it is.

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