Content last modified Tuesday 24 August 2021
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Original site versus TRv2

Here’s a rundown of some differences between the original Textpattern Resources site, and the new Textpattern Resources version 2.

Original TRv2
Txp version 1.0rc1 Txp version 4.0.4
launched Nov.2004 launched Nov.2006
30 plugins, 5 mods 47 plugins, 0 mods
590 articles at time of close 590++
9 sections, 1 template 21 sections, 6 templates
Textpattern Resources - version 2
New in TRv2:
  • Improved layout.
  • New sections: Help, Tags, Links (previously just an article in the About section), Notices (would have otherwise just remained part of the About section..)
  • Renamed and split out some of the categories
  • plugins were created to limit which sections are available to authors in the Write and Articles tab in the Textpattern admin panel, to simplify the authoring experience

The old site stayed on 1.0rc1 for so long because many of its plugins and mods were dependent on that revision of Textpattern. Also, there were so many mods to the core code, that upgrading would have been a real mess. For example, there was no mem_self_register plugin back in the day. It was a mod. Same with several other really key features. TRv2 is using no mods. Everything is achieved via existing code or plugins. Yay :)

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