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Highlights search terms inside your pages.

Highlights search terms inside your pages.


live search results as you type

The plugin brings live search functionality to Textpattern with a very simple installation process. Once installed, search results will be returned “live” as users type into the search input field. You can see it in action on wilshire|one.

I really can’t take all the credit...


Search replacement with Google's SOAP API

This plugin enables search using Google’s SOAP API with PHP 5.

Requirements: PHP5 with the php_soap extension, Textpattern 1.0RC3 or higher and a Google API license key (More information provided in plugin help)


Highlights the search terms that brought a visitor from Google


Advanced search for Textpattern

This plugin is quite advanced and some parts of it can probably be tweaked even further. Therefor, using this plugin might cause your websites search to feel slower, might use up a lot of the servers memory and will increase the size of your database if you make other fields then the standard body and title searchable. In the release version...

A Better Textpattern Search

By default, TXP search results are displayed in the “default” page template, inside the <txp:article /> tag. Whilst I can live with the results being inside this tag, I wanted a separate page template for the search results that looked completely different from my default (home) page.

I also wanted some...

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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