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Highlights search terms inside your pages.


  1. Wrap the part of the page you want to highlight between <txp:etz_hilite> and </txp:etz_hilite>.
  2. Put span.etz_hilite {color: yellow;} or whatever in your CSS.

Additional options:

  • class defaults to “etz_hilite”

Known bugs/limitations:

  • Does not support multibyte encodings (including Unicode) yet.
  • Ignores quotes in search terms.
  • Only supports Google and Textpattern’s own search for the moment.


Currently it’s of little use to me because it doesn’t support UTF-8, but it should be usefult to you that use 100% Latin scripts. I plan to extend its functionality in the future. Feedback is most appreciated.

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Initially released:
May 22, 2005
Posted here:
22 May 2005

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