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This plugin is quite advanced and some parts of it can probably be tweaked even further. Therefor, using this plugin might cause your websites search to feel slower, might use up a lot of the servers memory and will increase the size of your database if you make other fields then the standard body and title searchable. In the release version it is set to search Title, Body, Excerpt, Custom1 and Custom2. If you wish to change this either edit the plugin code or change the values using the set and value attributes before running setup.
I strongly recommend that you read the manual before you start using the plugin.

The benefits versus the vanilla search in TXP

The vanilla search only searches in one way, by the exact phrase your users enter into the search field. It searches in both the title and the text of the articles but not (for instance) in the excerpt, customfields nor keywords. It also outputs a max of 40 hits. This can now be changed by you.

For more details including the required forms you’ll need to use this plugin, visit the Information URL below and read the manual.

MySQL v4.1

With v1.032b it now supports MySQL v4.1+. Previous versions needed MySQL5.03+.

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22 Feb 2005

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