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Show plugin information

Similar to some other plugins that show plugin info, but more comprehensive, allowing you to format plugin fields as you wish with a form or container, and offering display of help text & source code, even specific chunks of source code.


Speed up your TXP website!

Did you ever seen the source of Google’s html page? For speed reasons, Google is serving all its home page into one line of code. The benefit is a server bandwidth gain. So what don’t we make the same for ours TXP websites?

Just activate this plugin and your page templates and database css files will be...


RSS parser plugin that takes and aggregate RSS feeds and outputs them as TxP articles

aks_rss is an RSS parser plugin that fetches RSS feeds and shows the latest feed content inside TxP articles. It is possible to fetch multiple feeds and aggregate the content in one output.


Form field validation & spam prevention

This provides form field validation, spam prevention, email header/body extras, database update, MailChimp subscription for zem_contact_reborn.


  • submitted field combination check
  • submitted field content validation
  • anti-spam measures
  • database update
  • email header...


OOP library for plugin devs

Classes for making SELECT queries, dealing with the ensuing data, and generating HTML output therefrom

EBL Upload V3

allows multiple image uploads, batch image resizing, thumbnailing

This plugin allows multiple image uploads, complete with batch image resizing, thumbnailing, and inserting this information into the Textpattern database. This plugin is available for the sale price of $9.99 per domain, with multiple license discounts available. This price only allows usage on one web domain. This plugin replaces


Search regex patterns and replace them with something else.

pax_grep is a plugin for Textpattern that allows you to find occurrences of a regular expression pattern and replace them with something else....


Allows you to display an image with an assigned caption as image-caption.

This plugin allows you to display an image with an assigned caption as caption :). The width of the caption will always fits the width of the displayed image.


Download of multiple files with or without a confirmation button and zip-on-the-fly.

This plugin allows you to offer a download of multiple files with or without a confirmation button and an option to zip all offered files on zhe fly.


Extract GET & POST variables

adi_gps extracts GET/POST variables from the URL and assigns them to TXP variables.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look

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