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A plugin helper library

Needed by some of my other plugins.

It looks like in my desire to minimize unneeded memory usage, i was over-engineering this thingie. For v0.2:

When installing plugins that require lum_p

  • make sure to install and activate lum_p first,
  • then install other...


Displays link to authors posts if they have published an article.

Useful for team pages


A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper

A quick and dirty php-variable-dumper.

License GPL v2 or (at your option) any later version.

v0.2 Can also show constants and list functions


Customizable menu page

This (my first txp plugin written from scratch) provides a customizable menu page. Because it adds a toplevel tab, it should be reachable with just one click from anywhere within your textpattern installation. You can store links to the most often needed pages in textpattern, other pages on your server or to anywhere in the...


Add falling snow to your Textpattern site.

Quick plugin based on a tip by Marc Carson meantioned here which uses Jason Brown’s...


Output all values of a glz_custom_field

Textpattern 4.2.0 recommended, glz_custom_fields required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Preference Sets

adi_prefs gives you an admin interface for managing different sets of preference values.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online.

The Preference Sets tab

This provides:

  • a...



Since dub_if_ajax is no longer up for grabs: here’s jdw_if_ajax .

This plugin is based off dub_if_ajax (no longer available) by Jamie Wilkinson. It uses the x-requested-with header to deliver different content to Ajax calls.

Addition of a new tag: jdw_if_not_ajax.


Container tag. When the...


Dev API for plugins

This project has been superseded by MassPlugCompiler and Textpattern’s built-in plugin cache directory.


Plugin preference system

Plugin preference management system: for plugin authors who want to provide preferences for their plugins, automated preference handling and user interface.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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