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Linklists and Blogroll

Creating linklists and blogrolls for your Textpattern site

This article is based on the German Tutorial: Eine Blogroll und/oder Linkliste in TXP einbauen.

Besides publishing articles, most bloggers and siteowners are keen to implement a linklist and/or blogroll for their site. Various possibilities are avilable for...


Creates url_titles for articles without one.

The titles it generates is identical to the one in the normal permlinks that Txp generates (I used the same function).

If you give it a spin, please ensure you backup your database first.

Follow the instructions within the plugin itself.

I’d also suggest turning the plugin off after you run it. Running multiple...


Section linking

This plugin creates a link back to the current section, without needing to know what section it’s being called from. For example, I have a section of my site that is largely independent of the rest. For the title, I wished it’s “homing” function to go back to the section top, rather than the site top. Ergo,...


Expansion on permalinks

<txp:zem_link> creates links. It works as a replacement for txp:permlink, and it can also be used to create direct links to articles and pages. <txp:zem_link>linktext</txp:zem_link>

In an article form, works the same as txp:permlink

<txp:zem_link title="permanent link...

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