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Pretty good isn't good enough.

(That line’s a throwback to highschool years, btw. Wonder if K2 ever happens this way and comes after me for plagiarism..)

So, these are some features that are in the works — or that should be in the works — for improved utility of this site:

posted November 19, 2004 ~

  • Improved Search — ability to search custom fields, and also search by section/category
  • TextBook — simple tutorials and straightforward documentation, arranged from collected articles (see
  • Improved Archives — browse by category, both across sections and within specific sections .. done (will likely split into multiple pages at a later date)
  • New Domain – with thanks to Dean, Textpattern Resources at will shortly move to its own domain at (and here we are)

October 2006~

  • TRv2 — complete redesign of site, including upgrade to current Textpattern revision ..launched 6nov2006
  • Plugin storage — develop and implement admin extensions to facilitate recordation and storage of plugins and other resources; improved authorship exprience
  • Help section — basic question/answer articles that draw on existing articles and new ones
  • Popular articles — ability to sort and search popular articles on the site

[ … Extended Admin’s To Do list ]

If you would be willing to help bring any of these features to fruition, or are already working on similar plugins or improvements, please do tell.

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