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thumbnail image gallery with full-size popups

This plugin displays a thumbnail image gallery with the option of hyperlinking to a full-size…

Image must be same format as thumbnail

Regarding images that are uploaded through the Textpattern admin interface (tabs: content > images), please…


Dynamic image gallery

Gallery that allows you to use a wide variety of options for format and display thumbnails, text and pictures.

glx_image Admin Hack

Places links to easy create glx_image tags

This admin hack places links to create glx_image tags by the side of Textile / Textpattern / XHTML in the image section of the admin.

The final output will look like glx_img® / glx_img(l) / glx_img© / glx_img(sa) and when clicking on for example glx_img© a popup shows up with quicklinks to different glx_image tags with different attributes.


Random Image from category

I created a plugin that will randomly pick an image from a category (or comma…


Random Image by Category

A little like Dean’s random image plugin, except this picks an image from those already…


Easy image links

This plugin will generate targeted links to pre-sized popup windows for images uploaded via Textpattern.…

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