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List a custom_field in admin article list article list.

List a custom_field in admin article list and search article list for this custom field.


Output all values of a glz_custom_field

Textpattern 4.2.0 recommended, glz_custom_fields required. Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Additional control over article lists

Allows you to pre-select articles to limit the scope of an article or article_custom tag, using selection criteria not offered by those tags


Easy variables and calculations

aks_var operate with Txp variables, Custom Fields, apache variables, thisarticle variables, any PHP variables. Calculate, substr, regexp


Add Latitude and Longitude in every article

Make GeoTag (Latitude, Longitude) in every article


…set any two name for Custom Fields (for example: Custom field 9 name Latitude and Custom field 10 name: Longitude)

Visit the Extensions -> GeoTag tab and paste Google API key from Google Maps API and set Custom field name for Latitude and Longitude….


VIR Tags: Tags cloud generator

Generates customised clouds of most popular Tags (Keywords) out of Custom or Keywords fields. Could be also used in Meta tags, see examples in manual.


Simple Multi-Value Custom Fields

This plugin lets you collect related pieces of information into a single field, pull one or more of them back out again, and create conditional content based on individual values in the collection.


Wrap text

jnm_wrap wraps the content after a certain world or custom field.


Pack values into your custom fields

Want more custom fields but don’t want to hack TXP to get them?
Want to have email links based on custom field values?

Maybe this plugin can help you!

Custom fields for files

adding custom fields to supplement RC3 file support feature

I updated to RC3 and love the file support, but I was missing one thing: custom fields for additional informations like file author. So today I tried to implement it and it works good for me. I decided to share this hack with people who are new to php or who have no time to do it themselves.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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