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Edit user level privileges

This plugin allows to modify user level privileges with the help of an interface located under the “extensions” tab.


Create a profile for each author on your site.

Create a profile for authors on your site. Including: job title, personal web site address (uri/url), nickname, slogan, bio, phone and fax numbers, start date and image


Access the author's username and email address, and modify the real name display.

This plugin provides access to an author’s username and email address. It can also modify…


Use TXP admin user privileges on public side

Several tags that enable you to make use of the fact that a visitor is logged in on the admin side of Textpattern.

SED Comment Pack

A bunch of tags to help you format your comments.

v0.6 New tags to track ‘new’ comments.

Style your comments easily with this set of tags.

It checks comments against the TXP authors on the site to see if it should be marked as an author comment—good for sites with multiple contributing authors.


A little change to display author's page link

Really simple replacement for txp:author. If you define a section with ‘section’ attribute you’ll have…


Workflow allows users to easily hand over an article’s authorship to another site author, without having to edit user permissions.

Editing user priveleges

Change user permissions

See TextBook entries: User Roles and Permissions Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges


Allows checking name of commenter against article author or custom list of names

Conditional output based on comparing the name, email, and/or url of the commenter. You could…

Self-comment email prevention

Prevent email notification of your own comments

Here is a way to prevent you receiving an email notification of your own comments.…

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