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Self-register on a Textpattern site

Add text on login page to have people register

This will simply add a bit of text and a link on the login page to let people know to register if they don’t already have a login.


Allows for the conditional display of data based on the article author.


This plugin displays the article author’s name as a mailto link using HTML entity encoding.


Define information for authors

This plugin provides the ability to also define a URL, nickname, bio, email and image…


Formatted contact cards redux

This plugin produces a list of authors and administrators for a site with additional contact…


Formatted contact cards

This plugin creates a formatted list of the authors and administrators for a Textpattern driven…

Author Highlighting in Textpattern

Apply a different style to the authors comments

A small change in comment.php to highlight the author in comments.

Hiding the Authors List

Restricting view of authors list to authorized admin access

So it came to my attention that, even though only Managing Editors and Publishers (Textpattern…

Mod Self Register

Allow for self-registration

This mod allows a site to have users register themselves to be authors and post…

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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